Passionate About Inspiring Others

My journey in this life has been just like yours. I have had a good share of ups and downs with great set of lessons. And these lessons make me who I am today. These life lessons equip and give me the courage to call myself a Life Coach.

I started my journey as a simple B.Com graduate and with some struggle I started my career in 2007 in a Banking Call Center. With a basic B.Com degree and being a fresher with a salary that most people may call pocket money I started my journey of finding myself.

From my first job to the second and to the third..every time I joined a new company, it was a Call Center. And in 2012, I finally realized, THIS IS IT - I am good at helping people and providing solutions and good Customer Service came easy to me.

As soon as this realization struck on me I decided to scale up and become a trainer - I decided to share what I was good at - I became a Corporate Trainer!!

I loved my job since then and had I known this earlier, I would have scaled up a few years earlier.​


​It was 2017 and I found myself not enjoying the work I do - yes helping people and teaching others how to do so, that was the dream right? What happened then? Where did things go wrong? When did it become stale?

I was at a juncture where I thought I need a change because I felt stuck, I felt like I was not moving forward, I felt this emptiness in me!! I was at this place of my life again where I did not know what to do in Life. I did not have job satisfaction, low self confidence, no social or domestic life, feeling lost all the time. I found myself down in the dumps!! 

Let me tell you it's not a good feeling. I finally swallowed my EGO and reached out for help.

I needed Transformation.  ​

I was reborn the same year and I Transformed My Life with help of

My Coach Arfeen Khan. 

And in mid 2017 I Relaunched Myself as a Life Coach(Growth Accelerator)

Today I am a Certified Life Transformation Coach, Multiple Intelligence Coach and 

an International Soft Skills Trainer with accreditation from NABET

Apart from working with individuals and helping them transform their lives, I have also successfully aided organizations and institutions in developing innovation, and in bringing out the paramount of leadership capabilities with the best of communication and team skills through the training.